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Peace Love Wax
The Peace Love Wax team is growing yet again! We're looking for a motivated team member that will join our administrative team and grow right along with us! We aren't the micromanage-y type, so we're looking for someone who has independent judgment and takes initiative to seek out and complete tasks before being asked. The right candidate will display excellent written and oral communication skills, remain professional, upbeat and punctual, and be extremely customer service oriented (this is HUGE for us!).
Though main duties include basic receptionist tasks, (checking clients in & out, scheduling appointments, etc.) we aren't looking to add someone who is simply "just" a receptionist. We are looking for someone who is driven and wants to advance within the company, especially with our upcoming expansion into new territories!
Have salon-experience? GET EXCITED for a position that doesn't require you to work ALL weekend, EVERY weekend! Though we know our future team member will delight in coming to work and want to be here 24/7, we want employees who enjoy a good life balance and have passions that lie outside of work too!
NO salon or spa experience? That's okay too! Though we prefer it, we'll train whomever we feel is the perfect fit. . .just so long as they embody the characteristics listed above.
So. . . If ALL of the above appeals to YOU, we want to hear from you! Here's what to do:
1. Submit your resume to
2. Along with your resume, include a quick email describing yourself a bit and why YOU would be the perfect fit. (TIP: You may want to take a quick looksie at our website beforehand and get a little familiar with who we are/what we do.)
3. Include your salary requirements ($$/Hour) (Hey, we've all got to eat and live; so please put what you ACTUALLY require, and don't feel bad about it! AKA Do not imply that you will work for free.)
Then? It's that unfortunate waiting game, but have no fear! If you followed the ultra easy three steps above and your resume is on par with our needs, we'll be getting in touch with you soon! Keep an eye on your inbox; If you make our first cut, you'll be hearing from Carly to set up your preliminary phone interview!
PSSSST! We know you're excited to hear from us...but please keep in mind that we're a busy salon with a whole heck of a lot of resumes to screen! Phoning in or stopping by for a status check can disrupt our day when we're right in the middle of assisting a client! We kindly ask that you follow up via email if you find it absolutely necessary, but please do not call excessively, nor "swing" by without an appointment! - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist